Committee of the Whole

Established by Ordinance on August 17, 2009, the Committee of the Whole meets on the first and third Monday of the month, preceding the Council meetings. Business coming before the Committee of the Whole will generally be in four categories: Community Development, Public Works, Public Safety, and Finance. (The Committee of the Whole replaces the four separate committees of Community Development, Public Works, Public Safety, and Finance, each originally comprised of four members of the Council, with each Council member serving on two of the four committees.)

Items brought before the Committee of the Whole are for review and discussion only. There is no formal action taken during the Committee of the Whole; however, the Committee may vote to bring a topic before the Council for final consideration.

In addition, during discussion of the Committee of the Whole, City staff may receive direction to provide assistance in the resolution of issues discussed.

Board of Fire and Police

  • Ray Golden
  • Gary Heaton
  • Spud (Robert) Riley

Cemetery Board

  • Trevor Davies
  • Mike Pearson, Chairman
  • Kelly Kendall

Fire Pension Board

  • Rod Davies, Mayor
  • Susan Trevor, City Clerk
  • City Treasurer
  • Craig Cozadd
  • Richard Evans (retiree representative)
  • Mary Kelly
  • Dorothy Ricketts
  • Justin Thomas

Liquor Commissioner

  • Rod Davies, Mayor

Plan Commission

  • Eddie Burton
  • Jevanie Gillen
  • Fred Jenks
  • Pamala Lybarger
  • Al McGuire
  • Tim Narkiewicz
  • Steve Pearson

Police Pension Fund

  • Rod Davies, Mayor
  • Susan Trevor, City Clerk
  • City Treasurer
  • Dean Blust
  • Don Gladfelter
  • Mike Jurgens
  • Josh Kramer
  • Frank Piper

Zoning Board

  • Don Fillman
  • Brian Helms
  • David Noel
  • Doug Rankin
  • Dennis Rhoades
  • Jeff Uddin
  • Juan Conchez