The City Clerk is the official record keeper of the City. Susan Trevor is Monmouth's City Clerk. All official documents of the City are kept in the City Clerk's office. The City Seal is the responsibility of the City Clerk and is used on official documents.

The duties of the Clerk are found in the Illinois Complied Statutes (ILCS) and also in the Monmouth Municipal Code, Chapter 31, "City Officials."

The City Clerk issues liquor and miscellaneous licenses as well as cemetery deeds. The Clerk oversees and maintains the corporate drawer.

In election years, the City Clerk oversees and reports candidates filing for municipal offices.

Records for the Monmouth cemetery are maintained in the Clerk's office.

City Clerk Susan Trevor, with assistance from Jane Berg, is available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to serve the public.

Ordinance questions are often answered by this office. You can review our current Code of Ordinances by clicking the Municipal Code link on the Government menu.