Register Rental Properties in October

The City of Monmouth passed Ordinance 11-023 in November 2011, requiring landlords to register all of their rental properties and have rental inspections done on the premises.

Each year there is an open enrollment period where there is no fee to register your rental properties. The open enrollment period is October 1–October 31 every year. Rental properties must be registered EVERY year. If you fail to (re)register your property during the open enrollment period, a $75 violation ticket will be issued for every property not (re)registered.

Please use this time to let us know if you have sold your properties or added more, or changed any of your contact information. You may contact the Zoning Department to begin registering your rental properties at 309.734.7590.

Online Re-Registration Form (use if there are no changes to a previously registered property)

Online Rental Registration Form (use for newly registered properties)