What is a Special Exception?

A Special Exception allows for the owner of a building or structure located in a Low Density Residential District (R-1) or a Medium Density Residential District (R-2), which has been converted for use as a two-family dwelling, multiple-family dwelling, or boarding house after the date the Zoning Ordinance was enacted (May 17, 1982) to go in front of the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) to allow for the said type of use even though it is not normally permitted. If a Special Exception is granted, the owner must conform to all multi-family requirements outlined in the High Density Residential District (R-3) of the Zoning Ordinances.  

It is important to remember that a Special Exception is NON-TRANSFERABLE when/if the owner sells the property. The building or structure must return to the proper dwelling limit for the zoning district it is located in.