Rental Registration

Questions about rental property registration and inspection.

When is registration?

The City of Monmouth passed Ordinance 11-023 in November 2011, requiring landlords to register all of their rental properties and have rental inspections done on the premises.

The registration document must be filed annually with the Zoning Office on or before December 31 for the upcoming calendar year (i.e., December 31, 2016, for the calendar year 2017).

Each year there is an open registration period during the entire month of October, where the registration fee is waived. Properties registered after the open enrollment period are subject to fees.

Rental properties must be registered every year. If you fail to re-register your property during the open enrollment period, a $75 violation ticket will be issued for every property not re-registered.

Why are there rental inspections?

Rental inspections help ensure the safety of rental dwellings for the renter and offer an easy way for a landlord to work towards full compliance with the City’s adopted codes, thereby making their rental units more attractive to prospective tenants.

Why does the Fire Department serve as the inspection team?

The primary goal of the inspection program is enhanced life-safety for Monmouth residents who choose to rent. The Monmouth firefighters are well trained in the International Fire Prevention Code and the International Property Maintenance Code, both of which have been adopted by the City.