A permit to demolish or remove a structure shall not be issued until a release is obtained from utilities, stating that their respective service connections and appurtenant equipment such as meters and regulators have been removed or sealed in a safe manner.


WATER: Service must be disconnected from a stop box on the boulevard and capped by a licensed plumber.

SEWER: Must be permanently capped or sealed with concrete by a licensed plumber.

GAS / ELECTRIC: Service must be disconnected by Ameren officials and the Zoning Department will need a copy from Ameren of the date disconnected.

FENCE: The site has to be fenced prior to beginning work with not less than a four (4’) foot high fence.

FOUNDATION: Has to be taken down 24” below grade.

BASEMENT FLOOR: If concrete, has to be fractured as to not hold water.

No burning is allowed on the demolition site unless a permit has been obtained from the Fire Department.

No concrete chunks or bricks larger than 6” can be used as fill.  Smaller than 6” can be used but has to be mixed with clean fill dirt.

The top 12” of the fill dirt has to be compacted black dirt.

The demolition must be completed 30 days from the date the permit is issued.


Residential Demolition Permit Fee: $75.00

Commercial Demolition Permit Fee: $150.00