A. All work will be subject to the requirements of City of Monmouth General Regulations CONSTRUCTION AND REPAIR OF SIDEWALKS Sections 99.095 through 99.125 of the City Code of Ordinances.

B. A minimum of two bids will be required for each project to be turned into the City Administrator and/or Zoning Director.

C. The City will not pay any part of a project that has been started without first being approved by the City Administrator and/or the Zoning Director.

D. The City will only pay 50% of the cost of the replacement of the sidewalk not to exceed $4.00 per square foot.

E. Minimum depth of the concrete for the sidewalk must be four (4”) inches thick and if the sidewalk crosses a driveway the minimum depth of the concrete must be six (6”) inches thick.

F. Upon completion of the project, a copy of the paid receipt will need to be given to the City Administrator and/or Zoning Director to begin the payment process.

G. When a property is located on a corner and the replacement of the sidewalk includes a crosswalk, it is required that a handicap ramp be constructed. A curb ramp shall have a detectable warning feature extending the full width and depth of the curb ramp, including flares. Such detectable warning features shall consist of exposed aggregate concrete or parallel or diamond mesh pattern grooves, cushioned surfaces made of rubber or plastic or raised strips. Textures shall contrast with that of the surrounding surface. Textured surfaces for detectable warnings shall be standard within site. All requirements are stated in the Illinois Accessibility Code, Effective April 24, 1997.