Permit Procedure

All applicants must submit a completed permit application and an estimated cost of construction.  

Additional information required upon application includes:

  • Before digging, call J.U.L.I.E. at 1-800-892-0123, or just dial 811.
  • Building permit fee.

Zoning Requirements

  • Fencing can be on the property line. We recommend, however, allowing yourself enough room for maintenance (mowing, trimming etc) on the outer side of the fence where you would still be on your own property.
  • If the fence is next to a driveway, make sure it is not a shared driveway.
  • From the front property line to 25 feet towards your property, the fence can only be four feet high and must be 50% open. After the 25 feet, the fence can be up to eight feet high and may be a full privacy fence. After the 25 feet, you may taper or angle the fence line up from four foot to the eight foot height for a more visually appealing fence line.
  • Fences must not interfere with any City sidewalks.
  • Holes for the posts must be 36-40” inches deep (except for chain link fences).
  •  Fences shall be constructed of only treated wood, masonry, stone, chain link, wrought iron or vinyl and they shall be constructed in such a manner that the “finished” side or side without the exposure of the support posts, be faced away from the lot on which it is constructed (i.e., towards the public), and the supporting structure side shall face the lot on which the fence is constructed.