Monmouth offers a variety of housing options, from renting to homeownership. 


Income-Based Affordable Housing

Warren County Housing Authority

200 E. Harlem Ave., Monmouth, IL 61462

(309) 734-2080



If you are interested in finding an apartment or house to rent, please contact the Monmouth Chamber of Commerce for a list of current rental landlords:

(309) 734-3181

All rental units in the City of Monmouth must be registered with the City. If you are considering renting an apartment or house, ask the landlord to see the certificate of inspection. If one has not yet been issued, an inspection can be scheduled quickly.

If you have issues with a rental unit, please contact the Zoning Department at (309) 734-7590.

Common complaints:

  • There are no smoke detectors in the unit.
  • The basic services are not provided or do not work (heating, hot water heater, bathrooms, showers, etc.).
  • The rental unit appears to be unsafe for habitation.