Monmouth is the county seat of Warren County, so downtown Monmouth is the home of the County Courthouse and also the county government. Each entity handles certain aspects of government in the County, with a basic breakdown below:


City of Monmouth

  • Zoning of all properties located within City limits
  • Maintaining City roads
  • City water delivery and wastewater processing
  • Monmouth Fire Department
  • Monmouth Police Department
  • Regional economic development and entrepreneurship support
  • Management of local Enterprise Zone and TIF District
  • City waste pickup, recycling and composting
  • Maintaining regional waste and recycling transfer station
  • Maintaining Monmouth Municipal Airport


Warren County

  • Registration of deeds of sale for property
  • Oversight of elections
  • Management of real estate taxes (assessing and payment)
  • Maintaining official IDs and boundaries for all properties in both City and County
  • County zoning
  • Maintaining county roads
  • The county court system
  • Registration of pets
  • The County coroner
  • The Warren County Health Department
  • The Warren County Sheriff's Department