General questions about living in the City of Monmouth.

How do I get information about my property taxes?

Please call the Warren County Assessor's Office at (309) 734-8561 for questions about property taxes.

Property taxes may be paid at the Warren County Treasurer's Office, which is located at 100 W. Broadway. Phone: (309) 734-8536.

Can I plant a tree on the boulevard?

Yes, you can plant a tree on the boulevard, but you must first get a permit from the Public Works department. If you plant a tree on the boulevard, then that tree is your responsibility going forward, not the City's. If you later sell the house, the responsibility for the boulevard tree will transfer to the new owner by ordinance.

Can I rent the gazebo at the Monmouth Park?

Please call the Monmouth Park District at (309) 734-7926 for information about reserving the gazebo. The shelter houses at the park may not be reserved. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Do I need a permit to make changes to my home?

Most improvements to the exterior of the home, as well as fencing, require a permit. Please call the Zoning Administrator's Office at (309) 734-7590 for information.

There is a loose dog in my neighborhood. What do I do?

The Animal Control Officer is Officer Robbin Sage. You may contact her at the Public Safety Building at (309) 734-8383 to report this or other animal problems.

What are the hours for burning items?

Burn hours are Monday through Saturday, from noon until 8 p.m. Burning is not allowed on Sundays.

Burning is permitted 25 feet from a structure. Burning is permitted within 15 feet of a structure if the burning is done in a container. Residents can burn in burning barrels or trash burners without obtaining a permit from the Monmouth Fire Department. Large bonfires require a permit from the Fire Department at (309) 734-8428. There is no cost for the permit. You must follow the guidelines the Fire Department provides for where you can burn. Burning without such a permit is a City Ordinance violation, and you may be ticketed as a result.

The Monmouth Fire Department is located at 601 Industrial Park Road (north station) and 1100 S. Main Street (south station).

Leaves and yard waste may not be burned on City streets, concrete or asphalt. Burning that creates objectionable smoke or odor emission will be extinguished.

What if I have a complaint about a property?

If you have a complaint about junk and debris, excessive weeds or a derelict car in your neighborhood, please let us know. (Fill out the short complaint form in the "How Do I" section of our website.) While we require your name and email address, we will not use your name or let the property owner know who filed the complaint. Your complaint will be entered in our database to help us with ordinance enforcement.


Who do I contact if my street light on the boulevard burns out?

Call the Police Department's non-emergency line at (309) 734-8383 to report the burnt out light. They have a direct contact at Ameren who will replace the light bulb.