Millennium Waste, Inc. contracts with the City of Monmouth for weekly solid waste pick up. Residents can put out their MWI cart for pick up every week. Questions about garbage service should be directed to City Hall.

Larger items may be dropped of at the Transfer Station (see below). Fees will be assessed according to the items being discarded. There is no charge to dispose (recycle) of anything made of metal, including non-Freon appliances, bicycles, grills, folding chairs, etc.


Eagle Enterprises Recycling manages the City’s curbside recycling pickup, which occurs every other week on your garbage pickup day. If you are new to Monmouth or do not have a recycling tote, please call City Hall. Different size totes are available.

You may also drop off recycling at the Transfer Station, including e-waste (electronics) as well as old paint. As of January 1, 2012, no electronics may be landfilled. These items may be recycled for free at the Transfer Station.

There is a cost for business electronics (trade waste). 

Transfer Station

The transfer station was sold to Lake Shore Recycling (LRS) in 2021. This station is operated by LRS staff.

Located on 186th Avenue (1/4 mile east of South 11th Street)

Monday-Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Saturday: 8 a.m. to noon

(309) 734-2515 


Used medical needles (sharps) can be recycled at the Warren County Health Department, which is located at 240 South Main Street. They are open Monday through Thursday, from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. (309) 734-1314. You can pick up an empty sharps receptacle for no charge and drop off a full one. You can also drop off unwanted medications there. Simply place all unwanted medications in a plastic resealable bag (then recycle the medical containers).

Lawn Waste

Curbside lawn waste pickup is available from April 1 through November 30th. Lawn waste (no trash or limbs, please) must be in lawn-waste brown paper bags (available in packs of five at many local retailers). Additional lawn waste can be taken to the City’s compost area, located at the Transfer Station.

Leaves, Compost and Wood Chips

In autumn, the City provides a street-side lawn vacuum service. Rake your leaves into the street for pickup. Please do not rake tree limbs or other objects into the street. Residents can go to the Transfer Station in the spring, summer or fall to pick up free compost and/or wood chips.

Summer Clean-up Week

This annual program is held in June on your regular garbage pick-up day. Clean-up week is advertised on the radio, in the newspaper, on this website, and on the City's Facebook page.

During clean-up week, you may throw out a pick-up truck size amount of household refuse. Each household may dispose of one appliance.

The following items are not acceptable: e-waste (electronics and TVs), tires, batteries, oil, cleaning liquids, any liquid materials, wet paint, yard waste, concrete, automotive parts, and nothing with oil or gas in itmowers, trimmers, propane tanks, etc. All loose items must be contained (drywall, etc.).