Budget & Audits

Download this file (2020 Budget.pdf)2020 Budget Presentation[ ]566 kB
Download this file (City Financial Report 2016.pdf)City Financial Report 2016.pdf[ ]648 kB
Download this file (FY 2018 Budget.pdf)FY 2018 Budget.pdf[ ]1230 kB

Maps & Studies

We have compiled a number of studies/maps over the years. These are all located in their respective areas of the website (Community Development, Revitalization, etc) as well as being listed here for quick reference. 

Download this file (Our_Downtown_Renaissance.pdf)2016-2020 Strategic Plan[See Downtown Revitalization for details]3572 kB
Download this file (Downtown Monmouth Improvements Framework MQ.pdf)Downtown Monmouth Improvement Framework[A document that was produced for a grant competition]4506 kB
Download this file (TaxIncrementFinancingBenefitsDetails.pdf)TIF District Benefits[ ]496 kB
Download this file (monmouth_tif_2012.pdf)TIF District Map[ ]78 kB
Download this file (MonmouthIL_PrimRTA_RGA_2016.pdf)Retail Gap Analysis[ ]11035 kB
Download this file (MonmouthWarren County.pdf)Monmouth Enterprise Zone Map[ ]2131 kB

Recent Studies

PGAV Planners have released the North 6th Street TIF development plan. It can be found below and contains a very comprehensive plan.

The Northern Illinois University Center For Governmental Studies has also released the final version of a housing study the City had prepared. It is also listed below in PDF format for reading.

Download this file (Monmouth Final Report 1.30.18.pdf)Monmouth Housing Study[ ]3107 kB
Download this file (N_6th_street_TIF_plan.pdf)N_6th_street_TIF_plan.pdf[ ]10503 kB

353 Strategy

At our last Council meeting, a consultant group held a presentation discussing a number of services they could provide the community.

353 Court LLC is a consulting firm that specializes in revitalizing downtowns and assisting with community and economic development. The company was discovered through the professional recommendations of other communities (Pekin, Normal and Havana) that have had successful downtown revitalizations after working with them. The company also recently engaged in a contract with the city of Aledo.

This proposal is still being discussed by the City Council and will undergo a vote in the near future. Funding for these services would be secured through restricted use T.I.F. funds which may only be applied to infrastructure or services that are directly related to economic development in the specified TIF area.



353 Court LLC


  • Ø  Mission is to preserve and maintain downtown commercial buildings to provide meaningful opportunities for repurposing stores for future businesses.
  • Ø  Revitalize downtowns by preserving character of historic commercial buildings rather than demolishing them.
  • Ø  Create sustainable entrepreneurial opportunities by offering business counseling to people who have a business concept but need assistance in formulating a business financial plan and organizational structure.
  • Ø  Establish relationship with existing business owners to address their individual needs to retain and grow their commercial operations.
  • Ø  Work with building owners to identify the physical needs to maintain the structural integrity of commercial properties.
  • Ø  Identify potential businesses with available vacant storefronts that have been renovated to a degree where the space can once again be occupied.
  • Ø  Educate the community as a whole to initial findings and receive feedback on an efficient path to preserve the historic character of Monmouth’s downtown business district.
  • Ø  Participate in the City’s efforts to design streetscape improvements to the Public Town Square and seek state/federal grant funds to beautify the quadrants within the Town Square.
  • Ø  Identify potential funding sources for building renovations and/or business expansions or start-ups.
  • Ø  Address economic leakage of retail/restaurant sales to other communities.
  • Ø  Assist small businesses in succession planning to avoid business closures.
  • Ø  Survey physical condition of existing downtown commercial buildings.
  • Ø  Collaborate with local entrepreneurs to provide technical assistance and build capacity on a case-by-case basis.
  • Ø  Identify community assets and competitive advantages that support downtown businesses in better understanding market potential to capitalize on growth opportunities.

Invitation for bid

Invitation for Bid

The City Of Monmouth will be conducting a sealed bid for demolition of the fire-damaged hangar at the Monmouth Municipal Airport.

All bids should arrive in a sealed envelope with contact information of the bidder on the outside of the envelope. Envelopes will be opened at 1:00 pm on November 29th 2019 by the City Clerk and the Director of Zoning. The award will be announced at the City Council meeting on the 2nd of December.

Scope of work

Removal of all building debris with concrete removal listed as an additional cost.

No asbestos was found during testing, and remediation will not be necessary.

Requirements and limitations

·         Contractor must have a certificate of insurance and bond on file with City Hall, and the City Of Monmouth must be listed as a lienholder.

·         Contractor must obtain permits once proof of all service utilities are retired and an I.E.P.A. start date and the fee is paid.

·         Contractor must ensure all containers and equipment do not interfere with the airstrip runway at any time and must ensure steps are taken to preserve the asphalt taxiways, any damage is the responsibility of the contractor at his or her expense.

·         No work will be done on site from dusk till dawn.

·         All salvage scrap must be hauled to scrap yard by a bonded and insured individual or company and by container, tandem, or flatbed truck.

·         Upon completion of the project, the contractor must submit all tip fees/weight tickets from a registered landfill for City review and approval before final payment.