Building Permit Application

Use this application to request a Building Permit for work within the City of Monmouth.

Download this file (Consumer_Confidence_Report_2012.pdf)Building Permit Application [PDF Document]239 kB

Zoning Board of Appeals Application

To request a variance or a special use for a property, you will need to appear before the Zoning Board of Appeals. Use this form to request a ZBA hearing.

Download this file (ZBA_Application.pdf)Zoning Board of Appeals Application [PDF Document]98 kB

Plan Commission Application

Please use the following application to present a request to the Plan Commission. This is typically done when a property owner wishes to change the zoning district of a property. Remember that spot zoning is illegal. For more information see the Zoning FAQ.

Download this file (Plan_Commission_application.pdf)Plan Commission Application [PDF Document]66 kB

Grease Trap Maintenance Log

You can use the attached log to track required grease trap maintenance. If you have any questions, please see the Quick Info Sheets link on the Zoning page or call the Zoning office for more information.

Download this file (Grease_Trap_Cleaning_and_Disposal_Log.pdf)Grease Trap Log[PDF Document]126 kB

Sign Permit Application

Download this file (Sign permit (1).pdf)Sign Permit Application[ ]112 kB